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Often, people with stained or discolored teeth just need a whitening procedure in order to restore

their smile. Even a single tooth that is noticeably duller or less white than your other teeth can be individually brightened safely and effectively.

Teeth bleaching products, which contain peroxides, actually lighten your natural tooth color anywhere from five to seven shades (in some cases, even up to twelve).

One process known as chairside bleaching involves applying either a protective gel to your gums or a rubber shield to protect the soft tissues in the mouth. A bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth, and a special light is used to enhance the chemical action.

If your teeth aren't very dark or very stained, you may need only one bleaching session. Tooth bleaching safely lightens the color of your teeth, and can last up to five years.

In general, bleaching works for most people. Tooth bleaching is most effective if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking. Teeth in the color range of yellow, brown or orange respond better to lightening. Other types of gray stains caused by fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline can be lightened, but with less dramatic results.

If you're interested in brightening your smile, we will be happy to evaluate your teeth. Not everyone is a good candidate for bleaching. For seriously discolored and pitted teeth, veneers may be more appropriate than bleaching. Moreoever, crowns, bridges, and fillings do not bleach, so it may be necessary to replace dental work to make it blend with the new color of your bleached teeth.

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