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By chris@smilesbydrd.com
May 22, 2013
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Congratulations to Dianna Birth, the winner of our Mothers' Day contest! Dianna, your gift card is waiting for you - see you soon!

We enjoyed reading all of your "motherly advice", and have compiled a list to share with you:

Be a good boy.
Be happy.
Be honest and true to yourself.
Be kind and generous - you reap what you sow.
Be positive, always see the bright side of everything, the sun will always come out tomorrow.
Be true to yourself and give the best you've got.
Be truthful.
Be what you want and don't compromise.
Be yourself.
Believe in God.
Believe in yourself.
Brush your teeth and floss before going to bed.
Buy good shoes, a good mattress and good food!
Correct your children when they are young so they will learn right from wrong.
Do one thing at a time.
Do your best at whatever you attempt, don't be afraid to fail because you will learn from it.
Do your best in school.
Don't be a friend to your children - be a mom.
Don't be in such a hurry to get a job since you will work all of your life.
Don't use too much salt in your food.
Find a job you enjoy doing.
Find what makes you happy and follow it!
Finish your studies/school.
Follow the lord.
For every door that closes a new one opens.
Go out and rule your life.
Go to the dentist.
Have good sportsmanship whether you win or lose.
Have one word - honesty is the best.
Help anyone in need from your heart.
If you are happy, everyone around you will be happy.
If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.
Make your bed before leaving the house, as you never know when guests will arrive.
Love your children unconditionally. Give them more than material things. Your children will appreciate more in life and simple things.
Wear clean underwear.
Marry that girl.
Never let talent go to waste.
Never ever miss the chance to tell your children & husband that you love them.
Pay the mortgage first. Whatever is left over is food and other expenses. Then save - never borrow for anything other than the house.
Play the piano.
Put God first.
Put your makeup on every day for yourself.
Remember you are the prize! Make him work for you.
Que sera sera - whatever will be will be. The future is yours to see.
Smile at everyone you see.
Stay close to God.
Suck it up and do it.
Take a good sleep and feel better.
The decisions you make dictate the rest of your life.
Try something new, you may never know how much you might like it.