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September 10, 2015
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We are so excited to announce the release of "I'm Still Here", a book by one of our patients, Cynthia Pullen-Thompson! We have ordered our copies, and highly recommend you do too!

Cynthia even mentions our practice in her acknowledgements:

"...I would like to thank my dentist, Dr. Rosamina Bl De La Rosa, whom I sought out as I knew that the significant dental work I let go untreated may have been a contributor to my having cancer. She, too, I found on the internet. Her website photos made me comfortable and believe that she would have the patience and compassion that I needed in a dentist. I shared my story, and she recommended one of the may books that I have read to support me through this healing journey. Thank you, Dr. De La Rosa. You and your staff have enriched my experience."